Short biography

Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1958. Live and work in the north part of Sweden. After I finished art school oil painting was my main tool for many years.
I started to work with different printmaking techniques 1997 in traditional
ways and experimentally with means and methods. Since 2009 I have focused on ImagOn-intaglio (non toxic printmaking using photopolymer film) to
develop my skills using this technique. In parallel I also work with collagraph and photo/digital print.

2001 and 2005-2008 I was responsible for the printmaking program and head teacher in printing at two art schools in Sweden. Participate in several exhibitions, national and international. I organize and run workshops/ courses
in printmaking for professional artists and art students. I work with art and exhibition projects, writing and photography assignments, articles / reviews/ reportage about art and art projects, published on art sites on the web and in art magazines


Artist statement

My work is based on my experience and observation. It is built up by impressions from places, characters and objects related to systems and structures of urban society. I use digital photos as a base for my work
searching for traces from human activity that can tell about the state of
current life.
I talk to people, I listen to their stories about the past and the present.
I observe and collect.
And I print.
My mind is filled with color. I never think black in the working process but
often my prints turn out black. I try to add colors to the images, now and
then it works out well, but most of the time I find that black is a fully enough color.


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